New GPG key pair for a lucky new year's Cat

Since a new year has just started (in Lunar calendar), and I’m having a few days break from work, it’s a good time to finally re-key my GPG key pair, deprecating RSA4096 format in favor of Curve25519 (mainly for a shorter key size).

I’ve not received any encrypted emails for the past 2 years (the lifetime of the old key pair), which is kind of disappointing, but to anyone out there storing my public key in your keyring (if there is any), here is the revoked public key for you to import: 813CF484F4993419.txt .

With that said, I’ve updated the about page to link to the new public key and will spend the next couple of days gradually changing my presences online (mostly just Git Forge sites) to use it.

And, it’s the first day of the year, so Happy Mew Year everyone! I wish you’ll all be having a lucky new year’s Cat.